! Geek Speed Dating !
Geek speed dating rules and fees etc.

Only 30 women and 30 men can sign up Saturday
You must live within the DFW area
$5 for your card to be paid cash at time of event
Bottled Water provided
You must have purchased at least a Saturday badge
Sign up must be done
HERE, before the con.
Each person will receive a name & number badge to wear
(Jane # 12, or David # 28 etc. no last names)
You will receive a card with all the names and numbers and
a check yes or no box next to each name.
After the event, you will turn in your card with your preferred contact method
Email, phone, text, telegraph etc.
We will match each name and number that had a yes from both people and
send your contact info to those people only.
The rest is up to you...